We offer top-quality independent consulting services, and always with a personal touch.


We give our clients a quick and open assessment of their prospects for success with respect to recruiting and we then recommend the best possible course of action on this basis. Throughout the relationship with our clients, we provide unsolicited feedback about how things stand. You will always be in direct and personal contact with your consultant. If we think that we can't fill a position, we'll tell you that openly. Ultimately, we fill the gap between the big anonymous HR consulting firms, which are often structured as multi-level sales operations, and headhunters, who will often refuse to take any job which doesn't offer a five-figure commission. 

We want to be a reliable partner for our job candidates. Your success is our success. Based on our experience, we are in a position to ascertain which job is right for you and which isn't, and we'll tell you so. We prepare our candidates for their interview by providing the information they need and, after the interview, we will obtain feedback and discuss it with you. We aren't a CV broker, achieving results only through sheer mass: our advice is specially tailored to meet your needs.