As a specialized recruitment firm, we are in a position to provide you with services in the fields of taxes, accounting and compliance in line with your goals and market conditions, whether you are a client or job candidate. We recruit for both permanent positions and projects of limited duration.

  • We know the German market very well.

  • We observe it closely and on a daily basis.

  • We have the market overview and expertise we need to really find the right candidate for each position.



Our expertise in this market is more valuable to job candidates than large numbers of employees or offices in other countries.
Finally, it's about people, not image.
We have an outstanding network of personal contacts. We are constantly offering job candidates a large number of highly attractive positions of all levels at a wide variety of companies and consulting firms.
As a result, unlike other recruitment firms, we can offer you attractive positions not only with German subsidiaries, but also with German conglomerates and family businesses, such as attractive law firms (even for non-attorneys). 

We can provide companies with a large number of candidates for a wide variety of areas quickly and in targeted fashion, drawing upon our network and our list of contacts, which is growing by the day.
As an independent firm, we are not subject to selling pressure or outside specifications of any kind: you set the tempo.
We work only for own job candidates and clients. Our independence allows us to freely seek out international partners if necessary in order to bring the best heads together.
Our discretion is understood. 

You will be served personally by Adrian Matis, Maximilian Seibel and Jana Sáez García. 

We want satisfied clients and job candidates, as this is the only guarantee of long-term success, both for you and for us.