Comprehensive market overview

As a client or candidate, you benefit from us as "your" specialised recruiting firm in many ways:

  • Market knowledge: we know the German market very well and therefore have access to the so-called "hidden job market".
  • Network: we have a network of personal contacts in the patent area, both with law firms and companies.
  • Actuality: we regularly observe and talk to the big and small players in the market.
  • Career planning and coaching: we want your long-term professional success, the pace is determined by you alone.
  • Tact and sensitivity: we have the necessary knowledge to bring suitable candidates and clients together.
  • Confidentiality: You have a specific contact person at your side.

Our discretion is understood. You will be served personally by Dr. Julia B. List, LL.M. We want satisfied customers and candidates. Only that guarantees long-term success - for you and for us.